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Deadline to submit assignment 1 (again)

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Deadline to submit assignment 1 (again)
by Julia Seixas - terça, 20 abril 2021, 1:25

Dear students:

I've received some emails asking for more time to submit assignment 1. Therefore, and also for clarification:

a) The presentation (saved as pdf) you'll make on 26 and/or 29 should be submitted until April 25, 23H59 at maximum;

b) The 6 pages word (saved as pdf) to complement your presentation, should be submitted until April 29, 23H59 at maximum; this was written in the description of the assignment and gives you more time to better prepared it. 

There is no order to make the presentation in the 26 and in the 29, it will be quite random.  

Any further questions, do not to hesitate to send me an email,

Julia Seixas