This assignment is about replicating a software engineering experiment described in a selected paper (see table below). This replication must: 

i) use the provided experiments template (based on the paper Modeling the Experimental Software Engineering Process);

ii) identify the difficulties, if any, in performing the replication, signalling eventual discrepancies in results achieved;

iii) describe eventual shortcomings of the original paper;

iv) use parametric or non-parametric tests to elicitate acceptable factors (independent variables);

v) use alternative means to improve the original paper results (e.g. using non-linear estimation models, instead of linear ones);

vi) clarify the contributions made and the major differences from the original paper, as well as the validity threats;

vii) be submitted to a journal. 

Who What
Luis Silva An Examination of the Factors Influencing Software Development Effort, Zhizhong Jiang and Peter Naudé, International Journal of Computer, Information, and Systems Science and Engineering, vol.1, nr.3, Summer 2007.
Anacleto Correia Evaluation of preliminary data analysis framework in software cost estimation based on ISBSG R9 Data, Liu & al, Software Quality Journal (2008), vol.16, pp. 411–458
Sérgio Bryton

Comparing cost prediction models by resampling techniques, Nikolaos Mittas and Lefteris Angelis, Journal of Systems and Software, Volume 81, Issue 5, May 2008pp. 616-632

Rui Cruz

Comparison of estimation methods of cost and duration in IT projects, Stanislav Berlin, Tzvi Raz, Chanan Glezer, Moshe Zviran, Information and Software Technology, vol. 51 (2009), pp. 738–748.



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