I Domain Analysis - Feature Models

1. Read the paper from L. Cardelli, R. Davies. "Service Combinators for Web Computing." IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering archive, Volume 25 , Issue 3 (May 1999) 309-316, ISSN:0098-5589

a) Answer to the following questions:
  • Why a new DSL was developed?
  • What is an application domain?
  • What values are used in this DSL?
  • What expressions, commands, and declarations does this DSL have?
  • Does this DSL use abstractions, encapsulation, and sequencers?
a) Construct a feature diagram using the diagrammatic notation presented in classes for the described DSL.

b) Describe the feature diagram using FDL.


2. Read the paper by J. Orwant, "EGGG: Automated programming for game generation". IBM Systems Journal, Volume 39, Numbers 3 et 4, 2000
MIT Media Laboratory

a) Describe the feature diagram using the notation presented in classes for the Games cathegories that motivate the described DSL.

II Language Syntax Metamodeling

For implementation of the syntax we use GME/DSL Tools or GMF/EMF (for the concrete and abstract syntax).

1. Feature Models

a) Model a textual DSL for describing feature diagrams. Use EBNF for the syntax description.

b) Describe the feature diagram for the DSL described in L. Cardelli, R. Davies. "Service Combinators for Web Computing" using your language.


2. Wirth diagrams to represent Regular Expressions (see lectures TC)

3. Finite State Machine (FSM)
a) Deterministic or Non-Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA or NFA)
b) Introduce a slight variation to the FSM to be a Hierarchical Finite State Machine (HFSM).


4. Push-down Automata

5. Turing Machines

6. ER modelling

7. The Petri-Nets formalism

8. Signal Flow - Composing with FSM metamodel
(based on the GME tutorials)

9. Language Description for the "Sudoku" game

III Generation

1. Wirth Diagrams for representing regular expressions
Build the solution to generate from the specified Wirth models to the corresponding Regular expressions.

IV Transformation

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