Seminar 1

13/11/2007 “IronPython and Dynamic Languages Runtime on .NET”

Location: “Seminar room” of DI FCT/UNL at 10 am.

Speaker: Mahesh Prakriya, Program Manager Lead DLR, Microsoft

Abstract: From the beginning, Microsoft's .NET framework was designed to support a broad range of different programming languages on a Common Language Runtime (CLR). The CLR has good support for dynamic languages as IronPython 1.0 demonstrates it. The new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)  adds to the CLR a set of services designed specifically to meet the needs of dynamic languages. The DLR adds functionality such as a shared dynamic type system, a standard hosting model, and support to make it easy to generate fast dynamic code and fast symbol tables. With these additional features, it is much easier to build high-quality dynamic language implementations for .NET. Furthermore, these features enable dynamic languages built on the DLR to share libraries written in other dynamic languages or in CLR-based static languages. In this session we will show how IronPython leverages the DLR and how we can use IronPython in a range of situations.

Seminar 2

19/11/2007 “HALL: A DSL for specification of Control Systems interfaces”

Location: “Seminar room” of DI FCT/UNL at 9h30 am.

Speaker: Bruno Barroca, Phd. Student


Seminar 3

19/11/2007 “HALL: DSL implementation using state-of-the-art language workbenches”

Location: “Seminar room” of DI FCT/UNL at 10h30 am.

Speaker: Vasco Sousa, Msc. Student


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