The materials presented here offer an introduction to the following aspects of teachers’ professional and legal responsibilities:

1) Teachers’ duty of care
2) Discipline and Sanctions
3) Pupil welfare
4) Access, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity
5) Taking pupils off-site

In each section, you will find:

- A brief overview of the statutory requirements, guidance and professional issues relating to the topic;

- A presentation featuring the slides that are included in keynote lectures (these are essentially the briefing in summary form);

- A number of case studies. Each case study is accompanied by questions / prompts to help focus your thinking and reflection. There are then key points to support and develop your understanding of how the legal and professional framework might apply in particular circumstances.

You will notice that, at various points, there are hyperlinks leading you to various external websites. You will need to be connected to the Internet to access these links.

The contents of this CD are based on statutory frameworks and guidance in force in June, 2005. Any of these statutes or circulars are subject to amendment by subsequent legislation or guidance.

Rob Foster, June 2005.

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