Interactive Data Visualization (IDV) is a 6 ECTS curricular unit of the set of specialization units offered to the students of 4th or 5th year of Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Informática (MIEI), and to students of Mestrado em Análise e Engenharia de Big Data (MAEDBD). Interactive Data Visualization presents the theoretical basis and practices for the design, use and evaluation of modern systems for Interactive Data Visualization.


  • What is Information Visualization, Data Visualization (DV) and the different purposes of DV.
  • The role of interactivity in DV and the general interaction patterns.
  • The concept of Visual Variable and the practical consequence in the design of Interactive Data Visualization (IDV).
  • The classification of data for DV purposes and the impact on IDV.
  • For each type of data the most relevant available techniques.
  • Due to its wide applicability, some deep understanding on Visualization Techniques for multivariate Data time oriented data and Geospatial Data.
  • The main components of general IDV systems and the principal characteristics required on modern IDV systems.
  • The available approaches to Compare and Evaluate Visualization Techniques and Systems.
  • The actual trends in IDV and their role in more general systems and applications.


  • Choose the visual variables and visualization techniques for a given data set and purposes.
  • Use a given an existing IDV system to explore one or more data sets.
  • Based on existing frameworks and platforms, design and build an IDV system appropriate for a class of data sets and a class of exploration and visualization tasks.
  • Setup an experimental environment to evaluate a DV technique. Analyze the data gathered in the experimentation.

  • Understand the multidisciplinary nature of the area and the relationship with other areas.
  • Explore the experimental nature for design IDV systems.