Proceedings of FSWKS_06 conference abstracts


This conference is organised by IET, the Research Centre on Enterprise and Work Innovation, at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of "Universidade Nova de Lisboa" (FCT-UNL), with the support of the project CodeWork@VO (financed by FCT-MCTES, and co-ordinated by INESC Porto), and related with the European project WORKS-Work Organisation Re-structuring in the Knowledge Society (financed by the European Commission, and co-ordinated by HIVA Leuven).
It has also the support from the APDSI (the National Association for the Promotion and Development if Information Society), that is a member of IFIP-International Federation of Information Processing. The CodeWork@VO project has also the involvement of UNINOVA (Institute for the Development of New Technologies, at FCT-UNL).
The main objective is to analyse and discuss research findings on the trends of work structures in the information and knowledge society, and to debate concepts on new work organisation models and forms supported by ICT. Is a conferences that involves researchers from different teams of the WORKS consortium, and in that aspect, tries to develop a collaboration process with different projects (one European, and another Portuguese), using different approaches and methodologies, where IET is a common link in the field of innovation systems and foresight analyses.