DCSA first focus, thirty years ago, on Sociology and Contemporary Thinking, later evolved to the fields of Economics, History and Philosophy of Science and Technology and Education Sciences. Today, DCSA is organized in 4 main areas:

> Educational an Training Sciences and Technologies.

> Economics and Management.

> History and Philosophy of Science and Technology.

> Industrial Sociology.

The Department also integrates the English Lecturate Applied to Sciences and Technology.

Social Sciences are a core area of knowledge with a central purpose: the study of the many dimensions and human societies dynamics and its organizations. In terms of teaching and research activity, the DCSA approach is well defined:

  1. the department teaches in every major in FCTUNL, ensuring the Human and Social Sciences and the Eductaion areas;
  2. the department is responsible for several masters in FCTUNL and its teachers work in other masters, in UNL or other universities;
  3. the department coordinates Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Industrial Sociology, Economics and Educational Sciences;
  4. the department teachers have all specific training in their areas of knowledge;
  5. the DCSA members participate in several national and international R&D projects;
  6. the DCSA members participate in evaluation boards of projects;
  7. the DCSA members belong national and international scientific societies with hihg reputation in their areas of knowledge;
  8. the DCSA members organize meetings, seminars, conferences and workshops with national and international participants;
  9. the DCSA members regularly publish books and papers in journals, being members of its editorial boards.

Masters and Post-Graduate offers by DCSA:

> Master in Educational Sciences - Specialization Education and Development
> Master in History and Philosophy of Science
> Master in Etics and Environmental Education (in collaboration with GDEH - Hidrosphere Ecology Group)
> Master in Laboratory Physcis, Teaching and Hitory of Physics (in collaboration with Physics Department)
> Post-Graduate Studies in Science, Technology and Society
> Post-Graduate Studies in Educational Sciences - Specialization in School Management and Administration
> Post-Graduate Studies in everyday Chemistry: The Laboratory, History and Contemporary times
> Post-Graduate Studies in e-Business (in preparation)
> Collaboration in the Masters in Industrial Engineering and Applied Mathematics (in preparation)

Other activities:

> Coordination of the Natural Sciences and Physics adn Chemistry Teaching Majors