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Informação sobre novo número de revista

Informação sobre novo número de revista

by Mariana Alves -
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The contents of the latest issue of EUROPEAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL (EERJ), official journal of the European Educational Research Association, are shown below and available immediately at www.wwwords.co.uk/EERJ (click 'Journal contents' in the left-hand panel).

Volume 6 Number 1 2007 [www.wwwords.co.uk/EERJ]  ISSN 1474-9041

GEIR HAUGSBAKK & YNGVE NORDKVELLE. The Rhetoric of ICT and the New Language of Learning: a critical analysis of the use of ICT in the curricular field, pages 1-12
MIEKE LUNENBERG, PETRA PONTE & PIET-HEIN VAN DE VEN. Why Shouldn't Teachers and Teacher Educators Conduct Research on their Own Practices? An Epistemological Exploration, pages 13-24
DIONYSSIOS S. GOUVIAS. The 'Response' of the Greek State to Global Trends of Educational Policy Making, pages 25-38

ANJA P. JAKOBI. The Knowledge Society and Global Dynamics in Education Politics, pages 39-51

MARTIN LAWN & GARETH REES. Introduction, pages 52-54
MARTIN LAWN & JOHN FURLONG. The Social Organisation of Education Research in England, pages 55-70
WALTER HUMES. The Infrastructure of Educational Research in Scotland, pages 71-86
GARETH REES & SALLY POWER. Educational Research and the Restructuring of the State: the impacts of parliamentary devolution in Wales, pages 87-100
JOHN GARDNER & TONY GALLAGHER. Gauging the Deliverable? Educational Research in Northern Ireland, pages 101-114

NICO HIRTT. What's Common Between 'Business in Schools' and 'Education Business'?, pages 115-121

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