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Topic 1 Pre-registration forum
Pre-register three teams to SWERC 2007 by simply posting a message on this forum, stating the name of your university.
Topic 2 Reservation forum
This forum is for coaches to make hotel reservations for their teams.

Please start a new thread for your university and state clearly arrival date, departure date, number of rooms (single, double and triple) and whether you want ocean view.

Periodically, we will send the reservation requests to ...
Topic 8 SWERC 2008 Forum
In our region, it is customary to organize the contest for two years and then pass it on to another site. Ideally, the choice of the next site is made by consensus, among the veteran coaches, considering the sites the volunteer. The current director (that is, me, in this case) must inform the ...
Topic 10 SWERC-compilation
Pretendemos sugestões de músicas para preencher as sessões de abertura e encerramento  (e eventualmente as restantes em que se tenha de fazer um compasso de espera enquanto chega toda a audiência).

Atenção: Quem sugere tem de fornecer a música.