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Ozga, Jenny

Jenny Ozga
Nota curricular:
Jenny Ozga is Professor of Educational Research and Director of the Centre for Educational Sociology. She is interested in the relationship between educational research and educational policy, and has sought to explore this relationship through research on policy as well as through active engagement in debate, dissemination and discussion to promote research transfer into policy.

She is an expert panel member on Education and Social Exclusion, DG6 European Commission.

Principais interesses de investigação:
Education governance; policy and politics in Scotland, the UK and Europe; Europeanisation of education; education policy making; professionalism and managerism in education.

Publicações recentes:

Ozga, J. Seddon, T and Popkewitz, T (eds) Education Research and Policy: steering the knowledge-based economy (World Yearbook of Education 2006) London and New York, Routledge Taylor and Francis.

Ozga, J Modernising the Education Workforce: a perspective from Scotland Educational Review, 57(2) pp 207-221.

Ozga, J Étude Comparative du travail des Enseignants: vers une politique critique in R.Malet and E.Brisard (eds) Les Transformations du Travail en Milieu Scolaire, Paris, LHarmattan

Lindblad, S, Ozga, J and Zambeta, E Patterns of Devolution and Decentralisation of Education Governance in Europe, European Educational Research Journal, 1(4), pp.615-624.

Actuias interesses de investigação:
ESRC funded project on knowledge transfer (KT) in HEIs in Scotland. This project explores the nature and extent of KT activity across Scottish HEIs, examines ways in which institutions support KT, explores researchers' attitudes to engaging in KT in 3 contrasting disciplines, and looks at factors inhibiting the development of KT in higher education.

Due shortly to commence a second ESRC funded study on 'Governing by Numbers' which looks at the relationship between data and policy in Scotland and England. Also an EU funded comparative study of the relationship between knowledge and policy.
Pertinência para o projecto:
Larga experiência em investigação sobre políticas educativas, inclusivé na União Europeia.