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Hake, B. (2006)

Título: Adult Education - New Routes in a New Landscape

Coordenação: Rui Vieira de Castro, Amélia V. Sancho e Paula Guimarães

Publicação da Universidade do Minho - Unidade para a Educação de Adultos

Capítulo 1: JARVIS, Peter. Globalisation, Knowledge and Lifelong Learning

Capítulo 2: HAKE, Barry J. Late Modernity and the Learning Society: Problematic Articulations Between Social Arenas, Organizations and Individuals.

NOTA: A leitura do artigo constante do capítulo 2 foi sugerida pela Consultora do Projecto, Professora Doutora Fátima Antunes.

Holford, John

Hard Measures for Soft Stuff: citizenship indicators and educational policy under the Lisbon Strategy
How far is the European Union a vehicle for inclusion and empowerment of a new range of policy actors in education? This article explores the role of actors in policy formation through a case study. It examines European Union attempts since 2000 to develop indicators of ‘active citizenship’ and ‘education and training for active citizenship’. It is based on two main sources: policy documents on the development of indicators and benchmarks; and a case study of an exercise (2005‑07) to develop such indicators, initiated by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Education and Culture. It shows that policy actors have attempted to take advantage of the Open Method of Coordination, often seen as a neo-liberal control mechanism, to ensure that citizenship remains on the policy agenda.