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Laboratório e.Learning


144 Tips on Synchronous e-Learning

de Laboratório e.Learning - terça, 10 de fevereiro de 2009, 13:46

"In April and May 2008, The eLearning Guild conducted a survey of its members, asking for their favorite tips relating to strategies for effectively creating,managing, and using synchronous e-Learning. (...) We began turning these tips into an organized collection simply by sorting them.

The largest group is the 53 tips for Synchronous Speakers and Instructors.The next largest (49 tips) consists of recommended practices and general tips for designers."

Sugestões e boas práticas na utilização de ferramentas de comunicação síncrona.

Enlace de la entrada: 144 Tips on Synchronous e-Learning


Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro

de Laboratório e.Learning - terça, 28 de abril de 2009, 15:26

"One of the great benefits of rapid e-learning is it lets you create e-learning courses much faster and easier than ever before. However, going faster and making your job easier are not the only factors.

While many e-learning developers do a good job focusing their attention on the design process, they often neglect the real needs of the organization, customers, and learner. This means that the course might not deliver the results you want it to.

As a rapid e-learning pro, your job is to produce meaningful business results. You do this by balancing the needs of everyone involved--the organization, the customer, and the learner—by leveraging e-learning technology."

Enlace de la entrada: Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro


Building online learning Communities

de Laboratório e.Learning - quinta, 15 de janeiro de 2009, 15:46

"Ask three teachers what constitutes an online learning community, and you’re likely to get three different examples. One teacher might point to a brainstorming e-mail exchange between two students. Another may recall a weeklong project that culminated in a 10-person podcast.(...) the definition of an online learning community is in flux. However, pioneering educators help refine the meaning as they create new online communities."

Um artigo extremamente interessante sobre comunidades de aprendizagem e sua diversidade e importância no processo ensino-aprendizagem.

Enlace de la entrada: Building online learning Communities


E-Learning Top Tips

de Laboratório e.Learning - terça, 28 de abril de 2009, 15:27
"Tip 6: Feedbac!

We’ve looked in our previous e-learning tips at mistakes and the key role they play in e-learning design. But a mistake’s not worth making if you don’t learn from it. We’ve all been there: the e-learning leaves you hanging with the worst feedback you can get: ‘wrong – try again’.

To make sure your mistakes are coupled with support and feedback that will actually help learners, follow these tips."

Mais sugestões:
Enlace de la entrada: E-Learning Top Tips


E-Learning: The Future Unmasked

de Laboratório e.Learning - terça, 10 de fevereiro de 2009, 14:08

"Are we unknowingly re-shaping the learning patterns of how we learn by spending increasing amounts of time in front of a computer? Is it helping or hindering education and learning? What are the five key things our networked world has taught people behind our back, and how are they coping with learning in a hypermedia environment? In this talk, Maffin gives you an insider's view of innovative learning projects and a peek into learning in the future."

Entrevista (áudio) com Tod Maffin. (GuildCasts)

Enlace de la entrada: E-Learning: The Future Unmasked


Estudo das Plataformas de Formação a Distância em Portugal

de Laboratório e.Learning - terça, 10 de fevereiro de 2009, 14:13

"É objectivo deste Estudo oferecer ao leitor uma análise das plataformas e sistemas de formação a distância utilizadas em Portugal, quer no contexto público como empresarial e apresentar uma visão prospectiva de possíveis evoluções da formação a distância suportada em plataformas / LMS's."
Enlace de la entrada: Estudo das Plataformas de Formação a Distância em Portugal


Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning

de Laboratório e.Learning - segunda, 20 de julho de 2009, 16:45

"A systematic search of the research literature from 1996 through July 2008 identified more than a thousand empirical studies of online learning. Analysts screened these studies to find those that (a) contrasted an online to a face-to-face condition, (b) measured student learning outcomes, (c) used a rigorous research design, and (d) provided adequate information to calculate an effect size. As a result of this screening, 51 independent effects were identified (...) Analysts noted that these blended conditions often included additional learning time and instructional elements not received by students in control conditions."

Enlace de la entrada: Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning


E–Learner Survival Guide

de Laboratório e.Learning - sexta, 31 de julho de 2009, 16:21

This broad–reaching collection of essays on e–learning examines accomplishments, new directions, and challenges from many perspectives. The essays are arranged in categories, which include e–learning and e–learners, teaching and instruction, student engagement, learning communities, outcomes assessment and institutional leadership, all of which relate to learners and programs from college, K–12, career, to corporate training. Of special interest is a focus on successful outcomes for students and programs, and essays on often–overlooked niches of learners, including genera-tional differences (Gamers, Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y), stay–at–home mothers, working mother e–learners, homeschoolers, bilingual online education and training.

Enlace de la entrada: E–Learner Survival Guide


Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning

de Laboratório e.Learning - terça, 12 de maio de 2009, 14:38

"Higher education is in the midst of transformative (but exciting) change. Over the next decade, the practices of teaching and learning "will undergo fundamental change"[1] as universities and colleges respond to global, social, political, technological, and learning research trends.Today, the duality of conceptual (new models of education, advancement of social learning theory) and technological (elearning, mobile devices, learning networks) revolutions offers the prospect of transformative change in teaching and learning."

Clique no link para aceder ao handbook

Enlace de la entrada: Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning


Higher Education in a Web 2.0 World

de Laboratório e.Learning - terça, 12 de maio de 2009, 13:52

"Today’s learners exist in a digital age. This implies access to, and use of, a range of Social Web tools and software that provide gateways to a multiplicity of interactive resources for information, entertainment and, not least, communication. We looked at access to digital technologies and their use from the point of view of level and pattern, purpose, approach and consequences."

Ler conclusões do estudo em:

Enlace de la entrada: Higher Education in a Web 2.0 World

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