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E-Learning Top Tips

by Laboratório e.Learning - terça, 28 abril 2009, 3:27
"Tip 6: Feedbac!

We’ve looked in our previous e-learning tips at mistakes and the key role they play in e-learning design. But a mistake’s not worth making if you don’t learn from it. We’ve all been there: the e-learning leaves you hanging with the worst feedback you can get: ‘wrong – try again’.

To make sure your mistakes are coupled with support and feedback that will actually help learners, follow these tips."

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Entry link: E-Learning Top Tips


Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning

by Laboratório e.Learning - terça, 12 maio 2009, 2:38

"Higher education is in the midst of transformative (but exciting) change. Over the next decade, the practices of teaching and learning "will undergo fundamental change"[1] as universities and colleges respond to global, social, political, technological, and learning research trends.Today, the duality of conceptual (new models of education, advancement of social learning theory) and technological (elearning, mobile devices, learning networks) revolutions offers the prospect of transformative change in teaching and learning."

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Entry link: Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning


Higher Education in a Web 2.0 World

by Laboratório e.Learning - terça, 12 maio 2009, 1:52

"Today’s learners exist in a digital age. This implies access to, and use of, a range of Social Web tools and software that provide gateways to a multiplicity of interactive resources for information, entertainment and, not least, communication. We looked at access to digital technologies and their use from the point of view of level and pattern, purpose, approach and consequences."

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Entry link: Higher Education in a Web 2.0 World


Learning Designs

by Laboratório e.Learning - quarta, 29 julho 2009, 2:33

This web site has been designed for teachers and instructors in higher education to access a rich set of resources that support the development of flexibly delivered high quality learning experiences for students.

Use the web site resources to develop high quality learning experiences for students by:

  • exploring a range of proven learning designs, with exemplar aspects and full instructions
  • on how to implement the designs (exemplars)
  • examining a set of generic learning designs to apply in your knowledge domain (guides)
  • making use of a set of tools for supporting learners (tools)
  • reviewing the principles for design of high quality learning experiences (the project)
Entry link: Learning Designs


So You What to Teach Online?

by Laboratório e.Learning - terça, 21 abril 2009, 1:39

"This program is a broadband learning tool intended for those who wish to learn more about online learning. The modules address your role as an instructor, online pedagogy, copyright and assessment. As you view these modules, you'll notice different methods of presentation and different technologies that will help you generate ideias for your own online courses."

Entry link: So You What to Teach Online?

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