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So You What to Teach Online?

by Laboratório e.Learning - terça, 21 abril 2009, 1:39

"This program is a broadband learning tool intended for those who wish to learn more about online learning. The modules address your role as an instructor, online pedagogy, copyright and assessment. As you view these modules, you'll notice different methods of presentation and different technologies that will help you generate ideias for your own online courses."

Entry link: So You What to Teach Online?


Supporting Distance Learners via Moodle Discussion Forums

by Laboratório e.Learning - quinta, 2 abril 2009, 6:21

"The fundamental reason for using discussion forums is that they offer the potential to bridge the distance between student and tutor and between students themselves in distance learning courses. Realising that potential, however, places the tutor in a central role, particularly in the early stages of a course as students learn to negotiate the new learning environment as well as the subject content. A second important argument for the use of discussion forums is that writing – online discussion is a written form of communication - aids thinking and reflection"
Entry link: Supporting Distance Learners via Moodle Discussion Forums