Workshops are sessions where groups present their work to each other and to the course lecturers. We will have 3 workshops during the semester, one for each of the course modules:
- OO Design / Programming by Contract
- OO Design Patterns
- OO Refactoring

Each workshop will be a collective learning experience, as well as a moment of group evaluation (grading) by the course lecturers.

Workshops will be scheduled in the CLIX system, as any regular test, and will occur as soon as a module finishes.

If nothing in contrary is announced via email through MOODLE, the rooms where the workshops will take place will be the ones announced in CLIP.

All students registered for this course (including student-workers) should do it in the scheduled date. There will be no repetition.

Each group should make a short presentation, using either slides or tools. The details for each workshop presentation will be announced in the course site. While presentations are taking place, coordinated by one of the lecturers, the other lecturer will call each group in particular to clarify certain aspects or parts of the group assignment. Group members can be assigned different grades if they show a clear disparity in knowledge on the topics under evaluation.

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