14h00m - Case Study 3

to be confirmed

14h30m - Discussion

15h00m - Paper 5

Martin Bechmann (ITAS)
"Endangered degrees of freedom. IT-workers as knowledge workers"

15h20m - Paper 6

Luis Ribeiro and José Barata (UNINOVA)
"New shop floor control approaches for virtual enterprises"

15h40m - Paper 7

Isabel Nunes (DEMI, FCT-UNL)
"Ergonomics and Usability - key factors in the Knowledge Society"

16h00m - Discussion

16h30m - Coffee/Tea break

17h00m - Closing Session with

President of FCT-Foundation for Science and Technology, Ministry of Science, Technology and Universities
President of UNINOVA, Prof. Adolfo Steiger Garção
Prof. Ursula Huws (Metropolitan Univ. London, WORKS project)

17h30m - End of Conference and Day2

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