Some universities have contacted us about the number of teams allowed per university. The general rule is 2, on a first come first served basis, plus 1, if we have enough places.

In previous years not all places were taken in the end, meaning 3 teams could have been accepted per university.

Some universities would like to make flight reservation very early, and for that they must know how many teams will be accepted.

We are willing to guarantee 3 teams for the first 8 universities who pre-register with us. This "special offer" is for the benefit of those universities that have fly to Lisbon and that want to make flight reservations now. Universities that drive or take the train (meaning Portuguese universities and Spanish universities close to Portugal) please abstain: this is not for you.

Please note that this does NOT replace the regular registration at the ICPC site. Indeed, registration is now open, so you can insert the slots for your team immediately, even if you have not selected the teams yet.

Last modified: Saturday, 4 August 2012, 6:16 PM