Topic outline


    The Fraunhofer ISE agrivoltaic research plant at Lake Constance: 

    The solar modules, with an output of 195 kilowatts, generate electricity on five-metre-high steel structures, so tractors and combined harvesters can easily fit underneath. Over the past three years, farmers have used the fields to grow winter wheat, potatoes, celery, grass and clover leys under the steel structure. Read more here.

    The Seminar on Energy and Climate Change will let you deep on the intrinsic relationship between climate change and the energy system. Technological, economic and environmental aspects will be addressed, within the mitigation goal. At the end of the course, students will be able to perform a critical and robust analysis on:
    a. the impact of energy options on the climate change problem, taking the perspective of systems analysis and in the medium to long term;
    b. the importance of clean energy production to economic competitiveness, within the regulatory framework to promote carbon neutrality;  
    c. how to develop a prospecting plan for the success of an economic activity within a carbon neutral economy.
  • Introduction

    [26 Feb 2021] Introduction to the concept of energy system, and how it relates with climate change. Aim and purpose of the course. Evaluation scheme. J. Seixas, FCT-UNL

  • Meeting with Students

    [5 Mar 2021] Session reserved for students meeting with the Scientific Committee on practical aspects of the PhD Program, and choice of tutors.

    • Global Energy System

      [12 mar 2021] Current state of the global energy system; energy access; concepts of energy and carbon intensity.  J.Seixas, FCT NOVA

    • Global GHG Emissions Budgets

      [19 march 2021] Global balance of CO2 emissions associated with energy and industrial processes. Estimates of the Global Carbon Budget ( and its relationship to the global energy system and changes in land use. Global Methane Budget. Global Nitrous Oxide Budget (J.Seixas, FCT-UNL)

    • Renewables

      [27 march 2021]  Renewables: State of the art on renewables. Selected concepts to understand the role of renewables in the energy systems: LCOE, capacity factor, learning curves, dispatchability, system value.  (Julia Seixas. FCT NOVA).