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SWERC 2008 in Nuremberg?

SWERC 2008 in Nuremberg?

by Tobias Werth -
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after weeks with long discussions and budget calculations, our ICPC team wants to announce that we are willing and able to host the SWERC in the years 2008 and 2009 at our University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany.

We have already checked cheap but great accommodation possibilities near to the modern computer rooms and near to the interesting historical city centre of Nuremberg. The accommodation is next-door to Nuremberg Castle ("Kaiserburg") and within walking distance to the venue.

The last four SWERC locations are Valladolid (Spain), Porto (Portugal), Paris (France) and Lisbon (Portugal). Therefore, an university in Germany would be the right place to host the next SWERC. Nuremberg is an interesting city with long history, an own airport, and excellent public transport.

Not only have teams from our University participated in all of the past four SWERCs and the World Finals 2003, but we have a long history of sucessfully organizing local ICPC contests that have run very smoothly with many participants. In some of our Locals we even had visiting teams from and cooperations with other German universities (Munich, Constance, Berlin). In addition there is a crowd of highly motivated students that is eager to contribute to the ACM contest effort.

We have compiled some pictures and additional information about the location at http://www2.cs.fau.de/ICPC/swerc08/
Moreover you will find there the history of our local contests.

We are looking forward to a speedy decision, since the accomodation cannot hold 250 beds forever...

For the ICPC team,
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Re: SWERC 2008 in Nuremberg?

by Pedro Guerreiro -
This is a great proposal!

Let's hear from other interested universities now. It will be difficult to beat Nuremberg, though.

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Re: SWERC 2008 in Nuremberg?

by Walter Guttmann -
We support the very fine proposal of Erlangen-Nürnberg to host SWERC 2008 and 2009.

Simon Gog, Walter Guttmann, Adrian Kügel
Ulm University
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Re: SWERC 2008 in Nuremberg?

by Pedro Ribeiro -
I would like to congratulate the Tobias proposal, and express my personal support for him. I think the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg will surely be a great venue for SWERC'2008 and 2009. And it would be good to have SWERC on a different country of our region.

Best regards,

Pedro Ribeiro (Faculty of Science, University of Porto)