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Report on registrations

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Report on registrations
by Pedro Guerreiro - quinta, 25 outubro 2007, 3:20

Today, October 25, we have 49 teams registered for SWERC 2007, with 32 teams accepted and 17 pending. Our capacity is 60, which means we still have 11 free slots. I trust that we will fill up, given that some of the usual universities have not showed up yet.


Of course, we do not want to drag this to the last moment. So, I ask you: if you have not registered your teams yet, please do it now. Also, if your teams are pending, check whether the students data is complete. From now on, I will update from pending to accepted on a daily basis.

Then, on Monday, November 5, I will accept any pending teams whose data is complete, up to our capacity. This means third teams who are on stand by and also forth teams if any university wants to register one extra team. This is a minor change to the local rules that state that each institution can have up to three teams: we will allow a last minute forth team, if there are still slots available by November 5.