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SWERC 2007 minus 6 weeks

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SWERC 2007 minus 6 weeks
by Pedro Guerreiro - quinta, 4 outubro 2007, 5:07
SWERC 2007 is approaching. We have almost 30 teams registered, which is half our capacity, and the first hotel reservations are coming in.

I will inspect the registrations periodically in order to move teams from “pending” to “accepted”. For doing this, I need the details (name, birth date, etc.) of all team members. Please fill them in as soon as possible. Also, feedback from the hotel will start to appear, but we need not worry too much about this, because it is a big hotel and November is low season.

Another important issue: we have to decide about next year. We already have an offer by Nuremberg. If other are interested in organizing, it is now the time to come forward. Indeed, I want to nominate the SWERC 2008 Contest Director by October 22. If no other applicant arrives, it will be Nuremberg.