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If you feel like practicing...

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If you feel like practicing...
by Pedro Guerreiro - segunda, 15 outubro 2007, 11:12

If you feel like practicing for SWERC, using Mooshak, the local automatic judge that will be used at SWERC, you can do it at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, using the problems of a recent contest,, and also at Universidade do Porto, where you can choose from two local contests and also a selection of easy problems,

At the Universidade do Porto site, follow the link Register for training, select one of the contests, choose a name for your team, enter a valid email, and in the group box pick Outros. You will receive the password in your mailbox, shortly afterwards.

The site of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa is similar, but there is a home page in Portuguese. Follow the link Inscrição, which takes you to the registration page in Mooshak. The procedure is the same as in Porto, except that you do not select the contest, since there is only one, and the group is Other.

In principle, these contests will be open until next Saturday at least.